Copy and Content Services at Pink Lemonade cater to a wide gamut of communication needs. Our prowess in short and long copy is evidenced by the longstanding relationship we have with some the biggest brands around.

Short Copy

Sometimes a small sentence, or even a syllable, sparks the grandest of ideas. We relish composition that just… clicks! To borrow an expression, we punch larger than our words.

Long Copy

Today’s data-driven market sometimes needs a little more than a paragraph to effectively convince customers. Rest assured, we’re more than ‘a little’ capable of delivering the same. From brochures to coffee table table books to even research papers, we do it all.

● Brochures
● Flyers
● Mailers
● White Papers
● Case Studies
● Articles
● Blogs
● Master Documents
● Websites
● Coffee Table Books
● Annual Reports
● Video Scripts
● Press Releases
● Adverts

Though we’re based in Bangalore, we have operations across the country. We service brands in DDelhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Hyderabad.

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