Design Ethos

Refreshing + Relevant

Our philosophy

We’re all about the


If there are a hundred thoughts, there must be a hundred ways to show them

To relook at the ordinary, to invent a new method

An idea so iconic, it touches both the heart and the mind

We’re all about the


Curiosity our code, creativity a thirst

To wake the world from the mundane, from the clutter

With an idea so real, it stands out for its sheer boldness

We’re all about

being audacious

Nothing timeless comes out of being stuck in time

Liberate. Defy. Evolve. Bloom. Make history.

And most importantly, carry simplicity as a symbol of clarity

We’re all about the


Numbers and bare words, art and new science

Playing with the elements, redefining what’s expected

As masters do, of creative alchemy