Grexter Living is a Bangalore-based co-living space provider –– specifically targetted towards young, urban professionals.

The Ask –– To rebrand the company in a manner that highlights its core attributes of community, fun, and ease of living, and translate this into an engaging website.

What We Did

  • Website
  • Brand Positioning


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We conducted a thorough analysis of the industry Grexter operated in, their target audience, and the brand itself. This helped us identify the behavioral patterns, asks, and needs of their target group. The insights gained from the user study enabled us to distill the brand’s ethos and design the tone of communication, visual language, logo, and eventually a website that would appeal to the audience.

We then designed wireframes guided by the user journey across the conversion cycle on the website. The user interface assets were carefully designed to bring out Grexter’s youthfulness and vibrancy, while maintaining their unique identity through the elements of the brand logo. This allowed us to bring out the community feel that Grexter offers to its residents. The outcome was a fun and engaging website that perfectly reflects Grexter’s young, vibrant ethos.

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