The Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLLF) is an NGO that aims to reduce the stigma around mental health, by spreading awareness and changing the way we look at the issue.

The Ask — The NGO came to us for their 2018-19 Annual Report, for which we were asked to develop a unique theme and design their annual report around the same.

What We Did

  • Annual Report


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Through the course of several brainstorms and discussions, we came up with the theme of ‘Fireflies’ — a metaphor for the spark that ignites change in the life of a person with mental illness. It also resonates the philosophy of TLLLF, a brand that serves as a beacon of hope in dark times.

We depicted TLLLF’s journey with clean line drawings, complemented with vibrant shades of green and yellow. It starts off with a single firefly that represents a Person with Mental Illness and the first spark of change in his/her life.

As we move through the pages of the report, the lone firefly is joined by many — establishing that they are not alone in this journey. Statistics, case studies, and program details were showcased in a simple yet visually appealing way.

The report was distributed among several NGOs and investors, and was greatly appreciated for aptly showcasing how, through effective collaboration, TLLLF impacts lives for the better.

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