Shenomics is a training platform focused on mindful leadership for women. The organization works with young entrants to the workplace as well as mid-level women leadership. It offers a free fellowship at no cost for young women leaders along with individual and group training programs for corporates.

The Ask — A study of the landscape followed by a brand identity and positioning exercise.

What We Did

  • Brand tonality presentation


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Pink Lemonade conducted a detailed study of similar platforms, as well as a specific analysis of ten competitors. We also facilitated a focus group discussion with existing clients along with individuals who had not been exposed to Shenomics, in order to understand the brand perception among both groups.

These insights were distilled in order to come up with a unique positioning for the brand, based on which we recommended a tone of voice and a way forward in terms of marketing.

The brand now has a stronger, more distinct identity, and occupies a unique position in a steadily growing market.

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