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Creative and Business communication… shaken, not stirred.

The world, as we know it, is constantly evolving with interconnectedness that is unprecedented in history. It’s all the more important, then, to stay relevant. We are Pink Lemonade, where creative effectiveness is unrestrained and wonderfully infinite.

If you need a voice (or even just the words) we’ll deliver it in the most relevant way possible.

We specialize in visual and written communication across multiple spectrums. Whether digital, social or good ol’ print, we provide creative strategizing, branding, and even production for all communication requirements.

Give us a ring or drop in. We can contemplate life, movies, and of course you.











It doesn't take much to set a trend. But it takes vision to define one that others follow.


The best ideas arrive at the most arbitrary moments. At Pink Lemonade, it might be while devouring hot kachoris or watching cats on Youtube. Alternatively, we research and brainstorm, OD’ing on unsafe amounts of caffeine. (Wikipedia + filter coffee = heaven). Either way, you can rest assured that all projects begin with good research and ideation.


Eloquence is not verbosity. Speaking well doesn’t necessarily translate to communicating well. Good messaging is the ability to convey in precise words and visuals what a brand wishes to. We know big words like ‘loquacious’, pretty words like ‘mellifluous’, Elizabethan words like ‘hither’ and even ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.’ But, we also know what it takes to define a brand voice and communication, which may not be any of these.


There is no such thing as too much information, there is only bad design. At Pink Lemonade, we understand that messaging is useless sans effective design. Everything you need to say can and should be said… just not in Helvetica on white. Our forte lies in good design of your campaign.


First, there was chocolate. Then, there came chocolate cookies. Now, we have chocolate chip cookies. We understand that there will always be better solutions around the corner and so are constantly engrossed in improving our services to represent you in a way that is completely new and wholly unique.


All the creative hullabaloo and brainstorming is irrelevant without a final product. We understand that creativity without discipline is of no use. PL guarantees you delivery, no matter what.

The PL Copy team is a vibrant group of individuals who know exactly where all the different commas go. They are known to have anxiety fits and severe breakdowns when the coffee walla is late and deeply detest acronyms like ASAP. They’re forever meddling with the fan switch to everyone’s annoyance – probably because they’re always shrouded in drafts.

Among the varied skills of the CS team, is their ability to smile through anything. They’re known to get the job done, no matter what. If the world was facing post-apocalyptic extinction and you couldn’t find Liam Neeson or Bruce Willis to save the world, your next best bet would be the PL CS team.

The Digital team are a quiet lot comprising Web Services, Digital Services, and Videography. But don’t mistake their reticence; they can stir quite a storm online with their ability to produce viral videos and internet-breaking campaigns. For all we know, when they’re not architecting the next big #hashtag or snapstory, they could very well be plotting a robot invasion. And, they are more than capable of pulling it off.

The design team is awfully font of what they do. They’re a bold lot, causing riots, but always justified. Although sketchy with their layouts, they’re always pushing the borders of what good design can do. Every day is a neue day with the PL design team and they are usually light hearted and easy going.