2024's Marketing Forecast: 24 Trends Redefining The Game View

2024's Marketing Forecast: 24 Trends Redefining The Game View


Case Study

Digital Marketing (Paid Campaign)

Forum South Bengaluru
Cultural Renaissance:
Forum’s Festival Journey to the Core of South Bengaluru

Forum South Bengaluru offers a diverse experience for all ages with 200+ brands, eclectic artist lineups, and 50+ outlets offering local and global cuisines. Through the South Bengaluru Fest, a 2 month long celebration featuring irresistible deals and live performances, Forum aimed to capture the lively essence of South Bengaluru, presenting a captivating depiction of Forum’s diverse identity and its dedication to thriving as a dynamic hub in South Bengaluru.

  • We engaged in over 90 influencer collaborations and collaborated with several brand pages to drive awareness about the offers and artist line ups
  • We developed more than 150 social media creative assets and produced close to 30 video assets discussing lucky draws, giveaways, and brand discounts, enhancing customer engagement both on the ground and on social media platforms like Instagram. 
  • With budgets allocated to Meta, Google, and influencers, we reduced the Cost Per Click by 28% in 2 months.
Forum South Bengaluru

The Result

The campaign achieved significant milestones generating milestone revenue and attracting massive footfalls over the span of 2 months. Additionally, the F&B and women’s fashion category revenue increased by 60% and 10% respectively.

Instagram engagement and brand mentions increased by 5X and 7X respectively, and 1.3M impressions stemmed from influencer collaborations. Female audience share and engagement from the 25-34 age group (key revenue generating audience) rose by 13%.