2024's Marketing Forecast: 24 Trends Redefining The Game View

2024's Marketing Forecast: 24 Trends Redefining The Game View


Case Study

Digital Marketing (Paid Campaign)

The Oroh Life
Empowerment in Every Step:
The Oroh Life’s ‘Walk Your Own Path’ Campaign

In the realm of premium footwear, The Oroh Life embarked on a mission to redefine the Indian women’s shoe market with a distinct ‘Made in India’ approach, seamlessly blending international fashion with unparalleled Indian craftsmanship in leather. Celebrating its inaugural year, the brand aimed to transition from a mere product-centric approach to a more people-focused one, fostering a community centered around elegant, resilient, and fashionable footwear. To realize these goals, The Oroh Life initiated the ‘Walk Your Own Path’ campaign, encouraging women to conquer their fears and embark on their unique journeys, one step at a time. This endeavor not only underscored the brand’s dedication to empowering women but also emphasized the idea that every stride, whether significant or modest, contributes to personal and collective advancement.

  • We showcased real women sharing real stories about their fears and goals, in addition to throwbacks and customer stories 
  • We organized a giveaway rewarding the the top 5 winners with a mystery box from The Oroh Life and a special discount to the next 10 winners 
  • We suggested and designed free goodies like a seed paper, a paper with a message from The Oroh Life, for the anniversary month 
The Oroh Life

The Result

The campaign resonated heavily with the target audience leading to a 50% increase  in profile activity and 80% increase in engagement. The balanced social media marketing strategy also drive organic website traffic by 60%