2024's Marketing Forecast: 24 Trends Redefining The Game View

2024's Marketing Forecast: 24 Trends Redefining The Game View


Case Study

Brand Strategy

Problem Statement

An automotive company previously part of a renowned international brand faced dual challenges. First, it needed more market awareness, as it was relatively new and not a household name like its international counterpart. 

Second, this obscurity extended to its talent acquisition strategy. The company struggled to attract and retain top talent due to a need for clear employer branding initiatives, which is crucial in a competitive industry.

Key Objectives
  • Develop a strong and unique CVP to establish the company as a distinct and recognised player in the automotive market.
  • Craft a compelling EVP that underscores the company as an alluring and forward-thinking employer.

We adopted a comprehensive approach to crafting the company’s EVP and CVP. 

We began with in-depth interviews of employees at various levels to understand their distinct needs and perspectives, which are crucial for shaping a genuine EVP. 

Simultaneously, we analysed competitors’ EVPs, gleaning successful talent attraction and retention strategies. This provided critical benchmarks in employer branding. 

For the CVP, we conducted in-depth interviews with clients and suppliers, gaining essential insights into their expectations. These efforts were vital in developing a CVP that effectively resonates with current and potential stakeholders, strengthening the company’s independent market identity.


  • Secondary Research: Investigating competitor strategies for both employee engagement and market positioning.
  • Qualitative Study: In-depth employee interviews to gather nuanced insights.
  • Quantitative Analysis: Web-based surveys to capture a broader perspective of employee sentiments.

In this case study, we helped an automotive company implement the necessary strategies to transform it into a recognised market player. By developing a distinct EVP and CVP, we successfully positioned the company as an innovative employer and a competitive industry force. Our strategic research and tailored solutions have reshaped the company’s approach, enhancing its appeal to employees and stakeholders. This transformation exemplifies the power of focused branding in driving growth and recognition in the automotive sector.