5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Emailers Out of the ‘Spam’ Folder

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Emailers Out of the ‘Spam’ Folder

It’s never a good feeling when your emailers go without responses or clicks – or worse, into the ‘Spamfolder. Which is why marketers around the world are striving to find new avenues that can help make this online tool a true attention-grabber. But under all the new design trends and digital trickery, there are some very simple, yet essential techniques that truly make any mailer engaging.

Here are five such steps to save your content from that spam sinkhole!

The right subject line

The subject line is your emailer’s first impression on the viewer, so make it count! Effective subject lines are crisp, clear, and reveal all or little info depending on the context. Other than those, having the right ‘persona’ can do wonders for your emailer. This refers to the tone, style, and emotion your subject line takes on to grab the reader’s attention. Here’s a handy guide to some of them:

prevent email from going to spam

Design with detail

When it comes to making your emailer ‘pop’ to the common eye, every detail matters – including complementary colors and web-safe fonts. The design of your emailer can also be one of these three types, depending on its purpose:

why emails go to spam instead of inbox

This kind of clarity and detail in your emailers will make your message stand out loud and clear, and avoid miscommunication.

Trending knowledge on your TG

And by that, we don’t just mean industry-wise. Here are some essential differences noted between B2B and B2C mails by DMA’s Email Benchmarking Report 2017:

how to avoid emails going to spam

This shows that the average audience looks for more click-worthy content in B2B mails, and more compelling subject lines in B2C mails.

Vimeo for video

According to a survey by, YouTube may no longer be the go-to platform for video emailers. Vimeo has been shown to deliver higher open and clickthrough rates than those of its more popular competitors, as seen here:

emails going to spam in gmail

Calls to Action that pass the ‘Squint Test’

By now, a lot of us know that button or graphics-based CTAs are the way to go with emailers. However, will your CTA be immediately noticeable and click-worthy? MailChimp suggests a handy way to determine that – the ‘Squint Test’. Simply put, if a viewer can make out the CTA in your emailer while squinting, you’ve got a winner!

Good emailers can be made great with fine-tuned copy, attractive design, and a compelling CTA. And these are just five of the many ways you can make your mailer a must-read. Follow Marketing Maximus Magazine for more tips and tricks to accelerate your success!

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