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Four Things ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Teaches Us About Marketing

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What does marketing have in common with a children’s puzzle book? More than you think! ‘Where’s Waldo?’ has made countless players scratch their heads in search of the elusive Waldo in pictures crowded by red herrings, and your business is doing the same. Here are some lessons from Waldo’s school of marketing.

Pay attention to details

In a sea of red and white clad cartoons, there is only one Waldo. It’s the little details that set him apart — his hat, glasses, and hairstyle for instance. Similarly, your future consumers are out there, looking for the small details that make you better than the rest — any feature that is exclusive to your business is an asset. Figuring out your USP and boosting it effectively can go a long way in taking your business to the next level.

Choose the right ‘Waldo’

Just like you pick out the right Waldo from a scene of decoys, it‘s also your job to identify the right target market for your business. Going after clients that fall outside of this target zone is ultimately a waste of time and resources. Once you narrow down your ideal audience, you can focus on building a loyal and consistent consumer base, rather than chasing every possible client that passes your door.

Earn their attention

The appeal of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ lies in the thrill of the search. The game captures your attention by forcing your brain to work a little harder than it’s used to. This is why tried-and-tested marketing strategies lose effectiveness over time as consumers become too familiar with them. When a company offers a fresh marketing idea, it excites the audience and engages their brains in a new way. Well-earned attention is a surefire way to gain new clients.

Don’t be Waldo

Waldo is so difficult to find because he hides in plain sight, blending into his surroundings — your business should not. Especially when it comes to its online presence. The internet is full of businesses vying for clients and it’s easy to get lost in the swell. While it is tempting to push yourself onto every potential customer who can use a search engine, attracting the right clients to your website works out better in the long run. Make sure your business gets the traffic it deserves by using relevant, specific keywords in all your content.

In today’s saturated market, it can be difficult to make a mark on your consumers. Take a page or two out of a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ book for the skills you need to stand out from the crowd.

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