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Influencers for the Win

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With the world having come a full circle, we’re back to the word-of-mouth era. This is precisely why social media influencers are relevant, sprawling, and successful.

These professionals are experts in a certain field, and create content to engage, entertain, inspire, and influence their followers. They take to social media as a full-time job, and are essentially a brand in themselves. As an additional source of income, they also endorse and promote certain brands that might resonate with their audience ﹘ and this is where the potential growth of your business lies.

Let’s face it. Even the most well thought-out ads tend to get overlooked, or worse ﹘ ad blocked. So how can you make your way to your target audience? Easy. Make social media influencers your best friends. Besides giving you exposure to a newer and larger audience, they are your business’ saving grace, and here’s why.

They understand your consumers better than you do

Considering social media influencers’ livelihoods depend on keeping their audiences engaged, they are unsaid veterans of consumer behavior and preferences. When they claim a certain campaign won’t work for you, it’s in your best interest to take their word for it.

Influencers don’t just preach to their audience ﹘ they build relationships. Since they know exactly how to communicate with the audience and sell to their followers, it’s essentially zero-effort from your end! All you need to do is give them your product and let them weave their magic.  

Why influencer marketing

Proof of the Matter

YouTube influencer, Jack Douglass, knew that the best way to market was to challenge his audience to learn something from the site and showcase it. Sure enough, engagement numbers went through the roof, with due credit to Jack’s idea and his large follower-base. 

They’ll get you better returns for your money

Influencers don’t just have a large audience base; thanks to the freedom of choosing the content we see, this audience is one that chose to be there. Invest in the right influencer, and you’re sure to garner attention from a vast, and very convertible target audience.

Because the posts they see aren’t forced on them, they’re genuinely interested in giving your product a look and are more open to buying it. So, find an influencer that targets the same set of people as you, and watch your consumer base grow!

Social media influencer marketing

Proof of the Matter

The cosmetic brand NYX, for instance, grew into a multi-million dollar industry, all thanks to influencer marketing. Since influencers focus on quality over brand-name, they promote small and big companies alike if they’re fleshing out great products.

They are more credible to your audience

When people scroll through their social media feeds, they expect (and prefer) to see content they’ve actually opted for. This is where social media marketing faces a drawback as compared to influencer marketing.

An influencer’s follower base is, without question, more likely to take his/her word at face value as compared to any ad imposed on them. In fact, influencer endorsements work better than a celebrity’s as they’re more real and relatable. Besides, they are experts in their field and know what they’re talking about, which gives your product/service the validation it needs.

Proof of the Matter

A good example would be how PewDiePie, a popular YouTuber, effectively helped grow Loot Crate’s business by seamlessly weaving it into his everyday content. The brand’s fun, laid-back culture resonated perfectly with PewDiePie’s subscribers, making it better accepted among a larger number of people.

So, shift your focus to capturing a super convertible audience base with social media influencers ﹘  and watch your business boom like never before!

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