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Paid Search Campaigns — Your Stairway to Success

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Ever wondered why certain ads show up right on top of search results? This is because businesses pay search engines to give their ads pride of place. It’s done via paid search campaigns, where brands pay these platforms a certain amount each time a visitor clicks on their ad. But, how do they know what their audience is looking for? The answer lies in finding the right keywords. Follow these three easy steps to find your perfect match:

  • Choose simple keywords
  • Analyze how popular they are
  • Look for keywords related to the ones already selected

This is a sound investment for any brand since every click reveals vital information about potential customers such as their location, gender, and age. Knowing the audience in and out paves the way for effective future campaigns that can be tailored to their tastes and preferences.

Let’s look at five popular paid search campaigns. What holds them together is that businesses pay the search engine every time a customer clicks on their ad or takes an action. However, there are a few aspects that set them apart.

pay per click advertising campaigns

Here, the search engine charges a small fee in lieu of driving visitors to a brand’s website. Successful PPC campaigns account for a landing page which keeps a paid visitor engaged once clicked on the ad — and the search engine rewards the brand by charging less if they create a relevant landing page.

WHAT: Internet advertising model

WHY: To direct searchers to the website

HOW: Advertisers pay a small fee when their ad is clicked

best ppc campaigns

An advertiser-centric campaign, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) campaigns requires you to pay for a specific action taken by the customer, such as a click, form submission, or a sale. In addition to that, it is always up to date on all its monetary transactions, whether it’s credited or debited!

WHAT: Online advertising pricing model

WHY: To charge an advertiser only for a specified action taken by the customer

HOW: Advertisers can determine the action they want to measure

paid search campaigns

Social Engine Marketing (SEM) promotes a website by ensuring it is noticeable on search engine pages. It keeps you on top of search results, so that your visitors can have a quick glance at the prices and reviews of desired products. All you have to do is bid on the right keywords and make sure your ad appears above your competitors’!

WHAT: Internet marketing

WHY:  To promote websites through paid advertising

HOW: By increasing their visibility in the search engine result pages

ppc campaign strategy

Technically called the Cost Per Mille, Cost Per Impression (CPI) is what you pay for every 1,000 impressions of your ad on the Internet. Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement. This strategy helps assess the profitability of online advertising. It is similar to those used in radio, television, or print that sells ads on the basis of estimated listenership, viewership, or readership!

WHAT: Online advertising

WHY: Profitability of online advertising

HOW: Advertisers pay each time their ad is displayed

best practices in ppc campaigns

This refers to the cost-incurred per order placed by a customer. It includes the advertisement rates, subscription charges, and obligatory shipping fees. The CPO is determined by dividing the marketing expenses by the number of orders your brand prepares.  Use it to evaluate the effectiveness of a certain type of marketing, or to check which one works best with your targeted consumer demographics.

WHAT: Internet advertising/marketing

WHY: To assess internet advertising

HOW: By measuring advertising cost of acquiring  an order

A marketer’s desire to increase the scale of his/her business never ends. Ensure you target the right audience, attract them with your advertisement, and give them what they are looking for — and you will easily rise above your competitors!

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