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Surrounded by cameras, filters, and selfie-sticks, our lives are no less than a movie being documented – scene by scene, day by day. To see audiences eye-to-eye in this scenario, brands today need a mix of authenticity and fun in their overall content strategy. And what better way to do it than with videos!

Read on to know what trends will rule the world of video marketing in the year ahead.

  1. Back to the silent era

For a seamless scrolling experience, Facebook offers the option of playing videos on mute by default. In fact, nearly 85% of all videos on Facebook are played on mute. But that said, content still needs to grab eyeballs and provoke the viewers to pump up the volume. That’s why you now need to move on from sand-art, whiteboard animation, and call-out cards to a cleaner, to a more refined video style that spells out the intended message at first glance.

Brands acing this trend:

  • Buzzfeed’s Tasty:

Showed mouth-watering recipes in hyperlapse with delicious clarity

  • Business Insider:

Used compelling headlines, wasting no time to introduce the topic

  1. Stepping out of the screen

If you thought videos were limited to your computer and phone screens, think again!

Projection mapping or spatial augmented reality is used to turn any live 3D object into an interactive display screen. Simply put, you can use this technology to turn any surface into a projection area for your video.

Brands acing this trend:

  • Coca Cola

Announced a new brand strategy in a larger-than-life stage performance

  • Edinburgh International Festival

Used the skyline to breathe life into their opening ceremony


  1. Brands as teachers

Keeping your memory fresh in the minds of your customers is crucial in a marketplace that gets flooded with fresh content every minute. Businesses are expected to put their best foot forward and get closer to the customer’s consciousness. To do this, brands – especially the ones launching new products – can use how-to videos as an excellent tool and establish their unique offering with ease.

Brands acing this trend:

  • Asana

Remained consistent in theme and colors, holding the viewers’ attention throughout the series

  • Tech Insider

Chose offbeat topics for how-to videos to stand out from their usual content and bring something new  

  1. Keeping it live

Many use live videos as a bonus-feature where the brand gets to share an ‘extra-something’ about themselves with their TG. In fact, the rough-cut and authentic nature of these videos humanizes the brand and brings the audience closer to it. This explains why people comment on live videos nearly ten times more than regular videos!   

Brands acing this trend:

  • Jason Carr

Went behind-the-scenes of his new TV show exclusively for his Facebook followers


Posted by Jason Carr on Monday, May 23, 2016

  • Grazia UK

Publicized relevant hashtags in advance to keep viewers engaged during the livecast


  1. Tactile is tactful

Imagine watching a video and being able to see and feel everything happening on your phone. Tactile videos do this with haptic technology that enables a viewer to sense force and vibrations through the screen. This trend is opening up a whole new world of deeper engagement with the viewers and exciting opportunities in terms of storytelling.

Brands acing this trend:

  • Volkswagen

Interacted with audiences through an intriguing animation of car headlights

  • Stoli

Integrated user movements in a story involving a woman preparing a drink

With groundbreaking technology and quality infotainment, videos have the power to mesmerize netizens and offer value at the same time. In fact, Facebook predicts that its platform will be entirely video-based in the next five years. To ride this wave of engaging content, pick up a camera and get into the business of making videos that don’t just sell products, but stories and experiences !

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