5 Ways to Take Your Elevator Pitch to the Next Level

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Imagine putting your entire business proposal in a tweet. This is essentially what an elevator pitch is ﹘ the twitter version of what you would’ve liked to say about your product or service.

This can be challenging to draft as well as deliver. While it might seem as simple as talking about who you are and what you do, there’s a big fat line between pitching and rambling that is easy to overlook. So, here are 5 ways to step up your elevator pitch!

Aim to be intriguing

Be it a bizarre statement, an unusual question, or even a puzzle ﹘ always start with something that makes you interesting to your listener. A random “Did you know? 70% apple-eaters do, in fact, go to the doctor” or “If I were to land a hat square on your head, how many tries do you think I’d take?” is sure to get you immediate, undivided attention. But make sure your ‘bait’ ties back to the rest of your content; or prepare to lose credibility points.

Talk to them, not at them

The trick to nailing an elevator pitch is to make it sound nothing like a pitch. Steer clear of industry and marketing jargon like ‘optimize’, ‘incremental growth’, and ‘ROI’. The words you choose to use should be ones you’d use to explain something to a friend. Use questions, be natural, and give them the scope to interact with you. Trust us ﹘ you wouldn’t want to come across as preachy or intimidating.

Say what they want to hear

What you say, needs to primarily answer the unasked question: “What’s in it for me?”. When pitching your product/service, it’s paramount to first talk about why someone would want to use it. Blowing trumpets about your company from the very beginning will block your listeners out. Start with problem statements and solutions, followed by benefits, and push the actual ‘selling’ to the very end.

Be brief

It’s called an elevator pitch for a reason. It’s not a full length ad on YouTube, neither is it your very own talk show. It is an in-person conversation ﹘ which essentially gives you very little time to make your point. Even if you happen to have all the time in the world, your pitch needs to be short, smart, and crisp for it to be effective and memorable. Remember, no one likes lectures.

Give them a POA

The worst thing you can do to your listener, is leave them hanging. You need to be clear about what you want your elevator pitch to achieve. Are you hoping to bag a meeting? Do you want them to get it touch with someone from your company? You’d like them to check out your website, maybe? Remember to have this goal at the back of your mind when drafting your pitch, and weave it into your content to end it on a smooth and definitive note.

Your elevator pitch delivery is that one moment which can make or break your opportunity to sell. Now with all these tricks up your sleeve, all you need to do is take a deep breath, be confident, and nail the pitch!

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