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Socially Speaking: 5 Brands That are Acing their Social Media Game

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The Internet is always abuzz with one viral post after another. And more often than not, our news feeds are populated with posts that come from brands that have gone the extra mile to make their posts relatable, intriguing, engaging, and visually unmissable. Here’s how these brands have cracked the code to great social media marketing.

1. Airbnb

Business trips or long-term rentals? This one has got it all. While couch-surfing has been a popular choice among youngsters for a while now, Airbnb made living in a stranger’s house cool. And the numbers prove it! Apart from publishing user-generated content, the brand frequently posts videos, responds to and engages with customers, and even conceptualizes winning campaigns.  

2. Sabyasachi

If elegant dresses, fine jewelry, and celebrity endorsements don’t quite grab your attention – then Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s unique marketing strategy will surely make you do a double take. The ace designer is a master storyteller, crafting a narrative for each of his designs and invoking some serious nostalgia along the way. This keeps his viewers coming back for more, over and over again!

3. BuzzFeed Tasty

If you haven’t found yourself obsessing over those mouth-watering Tasty videos, then you have been living under a rock. The brand’s recipe for success is simple. They give their viewers just what they want: a visual treat they can’t say no to! Overhead shots, easy-to-follow subtitles, stunning visual design, and teasingly short videos only add to the experience — leaving you drooling for more!  

4. Beyonce

She’s unstoppable. She’s unforgettable. She’s the Queen – even on social mediaBeyonce is probably one of those people who don’t even need a social media account, thanks to her unmissable public presence and unmatched persona! And while she seldom pops in to greet her Facebook or Twitter fans, her brand still carries a punch like no other. Most of her Instagram posts appear in carefully curated groups and carry a unique narrative — even without captions! And yet, there she is – following a total of zero people in return. Now that’s who you call a Queen.

5. National Geographic

While many print-based brands struggle to make their presence felt on online channels, Nat Geo has mastered the art of omni-channel domination. It’s not a surprise though, given their rich visual imagery and contributions from only the best photographers and explorers. All their User-generated Content (UGC) campaigns narrate a picturesque story of their own, diving deep into the culture and history of the image. It’s no wonder then that these campaigns generate large volumes of traffic and reviews from their dedicated followers!

While this list is nowhere close to being exhaustive, it does highlight the brands that are setting new standards, evolving with each strategy, and raising the bar for the rest of us. And that’s exactly what makes them the real winners on our list.

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