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Socially Speaking: 5 Brands That are Acing their Social Media Game

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The Internet is always abuzz with one viral post after another. And more often than not, our news feeds are populated with posts that come from brands that have gone the extra mile to make their posts relatable, intriguing, engaging, and visually unmissable. Here’s how these brands have cracked the code to great social media marketing.

1. Airbnb

Business trips or long-term rentals? This one has got it all. While couch-surfing has been a popular choice among youngsters for a while now, Airbnb made living in a stranger’s house cool. And the numbers prove it! Apart from publishing user-generated content, the brand frequently posts videos, responds to and engages with customers, and even conceptualizes winning campaigns.  

2. Sabyasachi

If elegant dresses, fine jewelry, and celebrity endorsements don’t quite grab your attention – then Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s unique marketing strategy will surely make you do a double take. The ace designer is a master storyteller, crafting a narrative for each of his designs and invoking some serious nostalgia along the way. This keeps his viewers coming back for more, over and over again!

3. BuzzFeed Tasty

If you haven’t found yourself obsessing over those mouth-watering Tasty videos, then you have been living under a rock. The brand’s recipe for success is simple. They give their viewers just what they want: a visual treat they can’t say no to! Overhead shots, easy-to-follow subtitles, stunning visual design, and teasingly short videos only add to the experience — leaving you drooling for more!  

4. Beyonce

She’s unstoppable. She’s unforgettable. She’s the Queen – even on social mediaBeyonce is probably one of those people who don’t even need a social media account, thanks to her unmissable public presence and unmatched persona! And while she seldom pops in to greet her Facebook or Twitter fans, her brand still carries a punch like no other. Most of her Instagram posts appear in carefully curated groups and carry a unique narrative — even without captions! And yet, there she is – following a total of zero people in return. Now that’s who you call a Queen.

5. National Geographic

While many print-based brands struggle to make their presence felt on online channels, Nat Geo has mastered the art of omni-channel domination. It’s not a surprise though, given their rich visual imagery and contributions from only the best photographers and explorers. All their User-generated Content (UGC) campaigns narrate a picturesque story of their own, diving deep into the culture and history of the image. It’s no wonder then that these campaigns generate large volumes of traffic and reviews from their dedicated followers!

While this list is nowhere close to being exhaustive, it does highlight the brands that are setting new standards, evolving with each strategy, and raising the bar for the rest of us. And that’s exactly what makes them the real winners on our list.

Know more brands who have mastered their digital game? Tell us in the comments below or write to us at


The QuEST for better workspaces, decoded.

M3 Promo Blog 4 ΓÇô Quest Global Wall Branding-01

Workspace branding is what every brand is talking about today. Google, Amazon, and even that office down your street — all boast of creative, relatable, and eye-catching workplaces that you can’t help but love! When done right, branding your office can help you connect with your employees and customers better.

And that’s exactly what QuEST Global — a pure-play engineering services provider — wanted to achieve when they approached Pink Lemonade to design their newly acquired 7-storey-high workspace.

The PL Strategy

Seven floors is a lot of area and for us, it meant a lot more space to showcase the brand’s unique personality. Although each floor had to tell a different tale, we chose to give our narrative one common plot. To do this and ensure higher brand recall, we chose to bring forth the essence of their tagline — Born to Engineer.

Although, this resonated loud and clear in the minds of the audience, we delved deeper into the QuEST story to magnify their ethos and evolution. By doing so, we were able to craft stories while still serving a bigger purpose. And that’s how our communication brought out the contrast and made each design speak for itself.

Several brainstorming sessions, cups of coffee, and promising decisions later, we reached the final leg of our journey — execution. Here’s what some of the walls looked like:

Corporate Floor

What’s the first thing you do when you walk into a new building? You look around and unconsciously build an impression. The ground floor was QuEST Global’s face to the outside world and comprised of their reception, leadership zone, and customer experience center. That’s why, our communication took on a confident, aspirational, and impactful tone.

Country-specific Floor

QuEST Global is also home to many of their Japanese partner brands. As a tribute to their roots and culture, this floor reflected the many Japanese traditions, such as Yokoso and the tale of the Koi Dragon, at its best.

Domain-specific Floors

While some floors were country-inspired, others were influenced by the diverse industries that QuEST caters to, including aeronautics. Which is why, we curated messaging that stood apart and made a mark in the viewers’ minds.


But what’s a workspace with all work and no play? That’s why, some of the common areas across the building reflected a lively vibe through intriguing visuals and light-hearted content!

The sole objective of any branding effort is to reinforce the brand’s core values and ethos. With wall branding, you can do it all in a creative manner that both employees and clients will love!

Here’s what Kishore Rao, Vice President, Global Delivery & Support had to say about it:

You’ve got to admit that sprucing up a workspace can make a remarkable difference to your employee’s attitude and a visitor’s perception. So, are you ready to give your office a makeover? Then contact us at +91 80304 12990 or mail us at and let’s talk about how you can transform your office space into a happy place!

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The Game of Sales, done the GE Healthcare way!

GE Premier League_blog-01

When Henry Ford said that nothing happens until someone sells something – we reckon he wasn’t joking. But motivating any sales team to constantly push themselves to achieve higher targets in shorter time spans isn’t an easy task. However, businesses have finally cracked this code by making employees an offer they can’t refuse: competitions and incentives!

But here’s the tricky part. For many individuals, competition and incentives may not necessarily drive performance and results.

That’s why, GE Healthcare approached us to conceptualize a campaign that would motivate their sales team to perform better, reach higher targets, and win big at every step!

After days of stepping into the shoes of sales representatives, seeing the world through their eyes, and walking their talk – we zeroed down on a campaign we called, Champions Premier League. Largely influenced by the Indian Premier League, this campaign successfully ran for its second consecutive year in 2017 – albeit with a twist.

While we kept things simple and straightforward for its founding year, we decided to take things up a notch for its second year. Based on the theme of ‘Galli Cricket’, the campaign was  spread across eight weeks with 15 participating teams. Each of them were given a set target to achieve, with spot awards and winners announced every week. What’s more, the campaign was promoted across multiple channels through posters, flyers, mailers, videos, scoreboards, and even a customized anthem!

And the big prize?

Tickets to the IPL, signed memorables, merchandise, live screenings, outdoor experiences, and much more! With so much to win, who wouldn’t want to put their best foot forward and knock those sixes out the stadium?

Back at GE Healthcare, the campaign saw remarkable results with teams enthusiastically participating and reaching record-breaking targets.

No matter what the ask, internal communication campaigns are becoming more and more relevant with each passing day. Companies are recognizing the need to keep their employees interested and invested at all times – and a 360° campaign is as good as it gets. If your organization is in search of a similar strategy – one that can drive profit as well as participation – reach out to us at +918030412990 or mail us at:


Unabashedly Ayush – More than just another book


“Art is the most intense mode of individualism the world has known.”

– Oscar Wilde

Imagine a world where art becomes a form of social interaction. Imagine a world where every thought and unspoken word is expressed through colors, patterns, and shapes.

If you know what this is about, then you’re a step closer to knowing Ayush Bhambhani.

Ayush is an artist par excellence, and a student at Sense Kaleidoscope – an academic and creative arts school for people with autism. Diagnosed at the age of 2, the school is the perfect environment where Ayush hones his talent for colors and patterns.

Sense Kaleidoscope wanted to showcase his art and introduce Ayush to a wider audience. They approached Pink Lemonade with a simple brief : design a tribute to a spirit that is undeniably glorious; a spirit that never ceases to explore, learn, and achieve.

With that clear goal in mind, Unabashedly Ayush was born.

This 10 by 10 vibrant, colorful, and sensory book narrates Ayush’s story while also serving as a portfolio of some of his most powerful artworks. Every page in the book is an experience in itself. So much so, that no two pages look or even feel the same.

Consisting of several interactive elements such as pop-ups, bookmarks, and origami placed over glossy, matte, sand, and even magnetic pages – the book is a befitting showcase of Ayush’s unique personality. What’s more, every section is dedicated to the different aspects of his personality, using words to describe a boy who is undeterred, unafraid, and yet unabashedly himself.

But the book wasn’t a result of a day’s or even a week’s worth of time and effort.

The team at Pink Lemonade invested a lot of thought on conceptualizing, writing, and designing a book as unique as this one. Right from understanding and observing Ayush’s activities to carefully planning out each page to stand out from the rest – the process was a long-drawn one but worth every moment. And in the end, we were able to deliver a product that makes Sense Kaleidoscope, the family, our team, and perhaps even Ayush very proud.

If you’re on the lookout for an agency that takes the time to understand your requirements, conceptualize creatives that hit the bulls eye, and create something that’s one-of-a-kind – we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is get in touch with us at +918030412990 or mail us at:

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Let Your Stories Do the Talking

Business storytelling

Do you ever wonder what will be your next big ‘Story’, how it can help generate curiosity around your brand, or keep the audience interested?

These days, Stories are the talk of the town. From celebrities and sport stars to brands and media organizations – Stories are taking businesses by storm! But before we dive deeper to see why this new social media add-on is climbing the popularity chart, let’s take a minute to understand what it entails.

Most social media platforms – be it Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp – now come with an in-built feature called Stories. This interactive mode of advertising and marketing has taken the fast lane to become one of the most powerful and preferred modes of communication in the digital space. It helps companies weave Stories in a never-before-seen format – allowing just the right combination of interaction and promotion! What’s more, it gives your audience the perfect ‘experience’, ensuring your brand is relatable and memorable every step of the way.

The story behind Stories

Every brand in the market is playing the Game of Stories and for good reason. This feature allows users to post content – from photographs to videos – that can be enhanced through the many available filters and masks.

But the question of the hour is this: what does this mean for your business? For starters, uploading regular, interactive, and gripping content will translate into greater exposure, higher visibility, and better reach!

Take for instance, BuzzFeed Tasty, who is using this feature to their advantage. They upload Stories of recipes and food tips that make you hungry, curious, and engaged – all at the same time! Even Vogue extensively uses this feature to highlight upcoming events and promote their latest products.

Let’s cut the long story short

While Snapchat is the true pioneer of the Stories trend, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp were quick to follow. For companies looking to emphasize on attention-driven content, the ‘Discover’ feature on Snapchat comes in handy while targeting a younger population. A great example of this is Sony Pictures who became the official Snapchat advertising partner for 2016 Olympic Games. During the two-week event, the motion picture company used Stories to promote the digital release of ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ through a variety of interesting Snapchat Ads.

Instagram, on the other hand, allows brands to keep a tab on video views, conversions, traffic, and even mobile-app installations. The Indian lifestyle brand, Chumbak, actively uses Instagram to reinforce the company’s philosophy of ‘Make Happy’. They even drive engagement by posting videos of their products in the making.

Next in line are Facebook and WhatsApp, both of which are great for effectively capitalizing on an already massive audience base. What’s more, this feature helps marketers build relationships with experts and influencers by adding and responding to other Stories.

But the one unique feature that makes Stories a preferred mode of advertising and marketing is undoubtedly the in-app ads. These help generate higher conversions, thereby driving more number of people to your website. However, while some of these platforms enable you to leverage the power of a larger audience and build followers, others work with a smaller audience for a more segmented and private mode of sharing.  

The power of Stories

Once you’ve decided which platform fits your brand the best, it’s time to take the next step – understanding how to make the most of it. Here are few tips to help you master the art of effective, influential, and memorable storytelling.

Brand storytelling


Take your ‘pic’

In this war of Stories, the winning choice depends entirely on how you want to attract, gather, and intrigue your target group. And once you’ve got that figured out, the rest of your story is now closer than ever to a ‘Happily Ever After’.


Unboxing memorable packaging, the 48East way!

48East Delicacies, Packaged to Perfection

Back in the day, packaging was used only to protect a product. But it has evolved over the years and how! From Tiffany & Co’s iconic robbin’s egg blue box to Apple’s minimalist boxes, today packaging is all about making a statement – a statement that resonates loud and clear in the market.

But how do you make packaging reflect the personality of your brand? Here’s how we, at Pink Lemonade, cracked the code to memorable product packaging for a Bangalore-based food-delivery company – 48East.

Product packaging design

Among the few all-Asian food delivery services in the city, 48East currently plates up dishes from across 48 different Asian countries. With this in mind, we decided to give them a distinct, clutter-breaking style. We used the brand colors – bright red and solid black – and combined those with Asian elements such as Buddha, bamboo, and lotus flower to give their packaging a clean yet eye-catching appearance.

The result? A unique, memorable, and lovable style that visually resonates with the brand too.

food packaging design

Occasionally, we take on fresh and new routes as well to give the brand an edgy-look and make the design pop!

So if you’ve got a brand that needs to make the right first impression, then all you need is the right ‘package deal’! If you want to give your business the edge it needs, get in touch with us at +918030412990 or