Unboxing memorable packaging, the 48East way!

48East Delicacies, Packaged to Perfection

Back in the day, packaging was used only to protect a product. But it has evolved over the years and how! From Tiffany & Co’s iconic robbin’s egg blue box to Apple’s minimalist boxes, today packaging is all about making a statement – a statement that resonates loud and clear in the market.

But how do you make packaging reflect the personality of your brand? Here’s how we, at Pink Lemonade, cracked the code to memorable product packaging for a Bangalore-based food-delivery company – 48East.

Product packaging design

Among the few all-Asian food delivery services in the city, 48East currently plates up dishes from across 48 different Asian countries. With this in mind, we decided to give them a distinct, clutter-breaking style. We used the brand colors – bright red and solid black – and combined those with Asian elements such as Buddha, bamboo, and lotus flower to give their packaging a clean yet eye-catching appearance.

The result? A unique, memorable, and lovable style that visually resonates with the brand too.

food packaging design

Occasionally, we take on fresh and new routes as well to give the brand an edgy-look and make the design pop!

So if you’ve got a brand that needs to make the right first impression, then all you need is the right ‘package deal’! If you want to give your business the edge it needs, get in touch with us at +918030412990 or


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