Keeping topics trending, the Amul way: A tribute


If there’s one brand that knows how to strategically leverage current affairs and news stories, it’s definitely Amul. As topical advertisers, they’re always abreast of the biggest, most trending stories — be it in Bollywood, politics, or even sports. In fact, they’re so prompt, they even outbeat news agencies at times! The brand’s lovable, iconic mascot — the Amul girl — has stayed with us through every breaking news, every ‘gasp’-worthy moment, and every heartbreak. She makes news cool, relatable, funny, and memorable, all at the same time!

But the best part? Their pun game isn’t new to their advertising strategy, neither can it be credited to the brand’s evolution. It’s been around since the very beginning and has only gotten better by the day! Be it 1966 or 2018, they’ve consistently stayed in the books of both the young and old. Let’s take a step into the past and journey along Amul’s topical advertising history.

1966: The first puns, commenting on the growing popularity of racing in Bombay

1976: On the compulsory sterilization introduced during Indira Gandhi’s regime

1979: On Sunil Gavaskar’s achievement

1982: On the newly introduced Sales Tax

1983: On Rajya Sabha’s term extension

1986: On the return of Shri Sharad Pawar as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra

1987: On the submarine scam and the Hindujas

1987: On the ‘Divide and Rule’ ideology

1989: On football sensation Diego Maradona performance

1990: On the rapid change of Prime Ministers in the country

1991: On the celebration of the 41st Republic Day celebration

1991: On the cricket match against the Aussies

1992: On the Mandal Commission

1993: On the raunchy Hindi song, ‘Choli ke peeche kya hai?’ from the movie Khalnayak

1994: On the use of unleaded petrol

1995: On the growing popularity of Kollywood superstar, Rajinikanth

1996: On the popular Spanish song, Macarena

1997: On the occasion of Christmas

1998: On women bus conductors

1999: On the debate over pop star Elton John performing in Mumbai

2000: On the occasion of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan’s wedding

2001: On the death of ex-beatle George Harrison

2002: On the latest TV commercial of a leading soft drink manufacturer

2003: On Prince Charles getting to know the famous Mumbai Dabbawalas delivery system

2004: On the release of the film, Swades

2005: On the return of Sachin Tendulkar to international cricket

2006: On the remake of Bollywood film Don starring Shah Rukh Khan

2007: On the two upcoming releases that were the talk of the town

2008: On Anil Kumble’s retirement from Test Cricket, 18 years after his debut in 1990

2008: On the election of USA’s first African-American president

2009: On the release of Bollywood film Paa where real-life father and son reverse their roles on screen

2010: On the phone-tapping and 2G scam

2011: On activist Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption rally

2012: On veteran actor Dilip Kumar’s 90th birthday

2013: On the occasion of New Year

2014: On the retirement of Indian skipper and Captain Cool, MS Dhoni, from test cricket

2015: On the eleventh installment of the sci-fi series Star Wars

2016: On the many losses in the music industry

2017: On Bollywood’s latest blockbuster hit, Tiger Zinda Hain

2017: On the high profile engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

2018: On the hug shared between PM Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi in the parliament

2018: On the Croatian captain winning the Golden Ball, Best player of FIFA World Cup 2018

2018: On the Virushka wedding

2018: On the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

2018: On the daring rescue mission in Thailand

2018: On Hima Das, the 18-year-old’s wins as India’s first-ever track gold in a global event

2018: On the election of Pakistan’s new Prime Minister

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