The QuEST for better workspaces, decoded.

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Workspace branding is what every brand is talking about today. Google, Amazon, and even that office down your street — all boast of creative, relatable, and eye-catching workplaces that you can’t help but love! When done right, branding your office can help you connect with your employees and customers better.

And that’s exactly what QuEST Global — a pure-play engineering services provider — wanted to achieve when they approached Pink Lemonade to design their newly acquired 7-storey-high workspace.

The PL Strategy

Seven floors is a lot of area and for us, it meant a lot more space to showcase the brand’s unique personality. Although each floor had to tell a different tale, we chose to give our narrative one common plot. To do this and ensure higher brand recall, we chose to bring forth the essence of their tagline — Born to Engineer.

Although, this resonated loud and clear in the minds of the audience, we delved deeper into the QuEST story to magnify their ethos and evolution. By doing so, we were able to craft stories while still serving a bigger purpose. And that’s how our communication brought out the contrast and made each design speak for itself.

Several brainstorming sessions, cups of coffee, and promising decisions later, we reached the final leg of our journey — execution. Here’s what some of the walls looked like:

Corporate Floor

What’s the first thing you do when you walk into a new building? You look around and unconsciously build an impression. The ground floor was QuEST Global’s face to the outside world and comprised of their reception, leadership zone, and customer experience center. That’s why, our communication took on a confident, aspirational, and impactful tone.

Country-specific Floor

QuEST Global is also home to many of their Japanese partner brands. As a tribute to their roots and culture, this floor reflected the many Japanese traditions, such as Yokoso and the tale of the Koi Dragon, at its best.

Domain-specific Floors

While some floors were country-inspired, others were influenced by the diverse industries that QuEST caters to, including aeronautics. Which is why, we curated messaging that stood apart and made a mark in the viewers’ minds.


But what’s a workspace with all work and no play? That’s why, some of the common areas across the building reflected a lively vibe through intriguing visuals and light-hearted content!

The sole objective of any branding effort is to reinforce the brand’s core values and ethos. With wall branding, you can do it all in a creative manner that both employees and clients will love!

Here’s what Kishore Rao, Vice President, Global Delivery & Support had to say about it:

You’ve got to admit that sprucing up a workspace can make a remarkable difference to your employee’s attitude and a visitor’s perception. So, are you ready to give your office a makeover? Then contact us at +91 80304 12990 or mail us at reachus@pinklemonade.in and let’s talk about how you can transform your office space into a happy place!

Marketing Maximus Magazine by Pink Lemonade


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