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Video Marketing: Playing your way to success

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“Video is like Pizza – when it’s bad it’s still pretty good” – Unknown

If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine what a video can do! We, as visual beings, learn more by the sense of sight and video as it helps us contextualize and understand information by putting it in a time capsule. With YouTube as the second-largest search engine just behind Google, it’s not hard to drive home the point that video marketing should be the new apple of the marketer’s eye!

facts about video marketing

Now, let’s get to the nuts and bolts of Video Marketing, and why it deserves the pride of place in a marketing campaign.

Importance of video marketing

As simple as it sounds, it is using video to promote your business. If good content engages, educates, and incentivizes a user to linger longer on the site, a video does all this and more to help your brand stand out from the pile. Which is why it is no longer optional for brands, but highly essential for its online presence – from generating leads and educating them to converting prospects and retaining them through constant engagement.

Why Video Marketing?

Google loves videos, and the page rank of your site will shoot up by several notches (a whopping 53 times) if you have a video embedded. A video-rich site implicitly means users spend more time on your website. Emails with videos stand a better chance at getting a recipient’s attention than a plain text mail – add in the subject line and watch it boost your email open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65%, and a reduction in unsubscribes by 26%!

Handheld devices have become the de-facto computing tool for a majority of people, and more than 33% of them watch about an hour of video on them. No wonder mobile video engagement has emerged to be the preferred strategy for grabbing eyeballs for your business. As a viewer, we prefer a video infographic to a data-laden report, a video testimonial over a customer case study. A huge number of marketers are already using video as a powerful medium to communicate and promote their business, and here’s how.

video marketing for the conversion funnel

Video Marketing for the conversion funnel

A Top of the Funnel (TOFU) video could be a Vlog, brand films, snackable social videos, or even a DIY video. The intent is to target audience, make potential customers out of strangers, expand reach, and build trust. Like Joe Chernov rightly say – “Your top of the funnel content must be intellectually divorced from your product but emotionally wed to it.” The perfect recipe for a good TOFU video is to weave a story that helps your audience connect with the brand and its promise. If trust is the foundation of conversions and sales, a carefully thought-out video can do the trick for your business!

Once you have captured the imagination of your audience, the next step is to convert them into customers by nurturing the lead in the Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) stage. Webinars, landing page promos, tutorial content, and product demos are hugely employed to educate and persuade. What better way to differentiate your offering from your competitor’s than a video! A well-created content is evergreen – it goes beyond facts and figures and builds a digital relationship with the viewer.

The must-have for a Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) stage is compelling content that will convince the client to seal the deal. Deep-dive product videos, on-demand webinars, customer testimonials that build confidence in first-time purchasers, and customized videos for the targeted audience with special promos or previews are all powerful BOFU candidates.

A repeat customer provides more business compared to a new customer by over 33%. Which is why customer retention is more critical than customer acquisition. However, most marketers ignore customer engagement to post sales. A solid retention strategy would ensure you do not burn your bridges with a customer. A thoughtful ‘Thank you’ video, onboarding videos, and product-usage guide can help transform a customer to a brand advocate or loyalist. A case in point is how Facebook innovates from time to time with their personalized video recaps.

video marketing success

Storyboarding for success

As easy as it may sound, coming up with a video content to bolster the marketing strategy involves a lot of groundwork. One-fifth of your viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds or less. Storyboarding your campaign to tell a good story is important, but telling it well is even more. Before embarking on your campaign, do have clear answers to the two key questions:

  • How do you want your audience to hear, see, and feel?
  • What is the North Star of your campaign?

tips to ace your video campaign

And while you are at it, do not forget to add a dash of humor to your content – fun entertaining videos stoke the viewer’s interest and encourage social shares.

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