Unabashedly Ayush – More than just another book


“Art is the most intense mode of individualism the world has known.”

– Oscar Wilde

Imagine a world where art becomes a form of social interaction. Imagine a world where every thought and unspoken word is expressed through colors, patterns, and shapes.

If you know what this is about, then you’re a step closer to knowing Ayush Bhambhani.

Ayush is an artist par excellence, and a student at Sense Kaleidoscope – an academic and creative arts school for people with autism. Diagnosed at the age of 2, the school is the perfect environment where Ayush hones his talent for colors and patterns.

Sense Kaleidoscope wanted to showcase his art and introduce Ayush to a wider audience. They approached Pink Lemonade with a simple brief : design a tribute to a spirit that is undeniably glorious; a spirit that never ceases to explore, learn, and achieve.

With that clear goal in mind, Unabashedly Ayush was born.

This 10 by 10 vibrant, colorful, and sensory book narrates Ayush’s story while also serving as a portfolio of some of his most powerful artworks. Every page in the book is an experience in itself. So much so, that no two pages look or even feel the same.

Consisting of several interactive elements such as pop-ups, bookmarks, and origami placed over glossy, matte, sand, and even magnetic pages – the book is a befitting showcase of Ayush’s unique personality. What’s more, every section is dedicated to the different aspects of his personality, using words to describe a boy who is undeterred, unafraid, and yet unabashedly himself.

But the book wasn’t a result of a day’s or even a week’s worth of time and effort.

The team at Pink Lemonade invested a lot of thought on conceptualizing, writing, and designing a book as unique as this one. Right from understanding and observing Ayush’s activities to carefully planning out each page to stand out from the rest – the process was a long-drawn one but worth every moment. And in the end, we were able to deliver a product that makes Sense Kaleidoscope, the family, our team, and perhaps even Ayush very proud.

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