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Above the Line Marketing Vs Below the Line Marketing – Where Should You Put Your Money

ALM vs BLM-02

In the never ending tug of war between ATL and BTL marketing strategies, choosing a side has always been a tough task. But, fret not. We’re here to help you pick the winning advertising strategy.

Above the line and below the line marketingatl vs btl marketing - Strategies

atl marketing examples and activities btl marketing examples and activities

Winning side

Some say that the age of ATL has come to end. But has it really? While BTL is certainly cost-effective, measurable, and has a high ROI, it’s not yet at a stage where it can match the level of impact and visibility that ATL communication offers.

The best way to succeed is to first prioritize your business objectives. Once that has been established, you can then align your marketing strategy, blend the best of both worlds, and win over your target audience seamlessly.

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