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Let Your Stories Do the Talking

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Do you ever wonder what will be your next big ‘Story’, how it can help generate curiosity around your brand, or keep the audience interested?

These days, Stories are the talk of the town. From celebrities and sport stars to brands and media organizations – Stories are taking businesses by storm! But before we dive deeper to see why this new social media add-on is climbing the popularity chart, let’s take a minute to understand what it entails.

Most social media platforms – be it Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp – now come with an in-built feature called Stories. This interactive mode of advertising and marketing has taken the fast lane to become one of the most powerful and preferred modes of communication in the digital space. It helps companies weave Stories in a never-before-seen format – allowing just the right combination of interaction and promotion! What’s more, it gives your audience the perfect ‘experience’, ensuring your brand is relatable and memorable every step of the way.

The story behind Stories

Every brand in the market is playing the Game of Stories and for good reason. This feature allows users to post content – from photographs to videos – that can be enhanced through the many available filters and masks.

But the question of the hour is this: what does this mean for your business? For starters, uploading regular, interactive, and gripping content will translate into greater exposure, higher visibility, and better reach!

Take for instance, BuzzFeed Tasty, who is using this feature to their advantage. They upload Stories of recipes and food tips that make you hungry, curious, and engaged – all at the same time! Even Vogue extensively uses this feature to highlight upcoming events and promote their latest products.

Let’s cut the long story short

While Snapchat is the true pioneer of the Stories trend, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp were quick to follow. For companies looking to emphasize on attention-driven content, the ‘Discover’ feature on Snapchat comes in handy while targeting a younger population. A great example of this is Sony Pictures who became the official Snapchat advertising partner for 2016 Olympic Games. During the two-week event, the motion picture company used Stories to promote the digital release of ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ through a variety of interesting Snapchat Ads.

Instagram, on the other hand, allows brands to keep a tab on video views, conversions, traffic, and even mobile-app installations. The Indian lifestyle brand, Chumbak, actively uses Instagram to reinforce the company’s philosophy of ‘Make Happy’. They even drive engagement by posting videos of their products in the making.

Next in line are Facebook and WhatsApp, both of which are great for effectively capitalizing on an already massive audience base. What’s more, this feature helps marketers build relationships with experts and influencers by adding and responding to other Stories.

But the one unique feature that makes Stories a preferred mode of advertising and marketing is undoubtedly the in-app ads. These help generate higher conversions, thereby driving more number of people to your website. However, while some of these platforms enable you to leverage the power of a larger audience and build followers, others work with a smaller audience for a more segmented and private mode of sharing.  

The power of Stories

Once you’ve decided which platform fits your brand the best, it’s time to take the next step – understanding how to make the most of it. Here are few tips to help you master the art of effective, influential, and memorable storytelling.

Brand storytelling


Take your ‘pic’

In this war of Stories, the winning choice depends entirely on how you want to attract, gather, and intrigue your target group. And once you’ve got that figured out, the rest of your story is now closer than ever to a ‘Happily Ever After’.

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