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Bring Your Brand to Life on Mobile with Facebook Canvas

Bring Your Brand to Life on Mobile with Facebook Canvas

Facebook’s biggest goal has been to accomplish what magazines like Glamour and Vogue did ﹘ make advertising a part of the user experience! In an age when the average mobile user’s attention span is just 8.25 seconds, they are saturated with exposure to ads. In a nutshell, keeping the users engaged with advertisements continues to  be an uphill battle.

The result? Advertisers, as well as ad platforms, are forced to constantly reinvent themselves to actively engage users. Facebook, being a leading online ad platform, has always invested in engaging viewers through innovative tools, with Canvas being the latest addition to its advertising arsenal. Canvas was primarily designed to addresses two common problems of mobile ads ﹘ slow loading time and poor optimization.

Experience ads on a full screen

Canvas, right from its inception, was driven by the targeted inputs of advertisers and the Facebook community. This led to the creation of an ad format that gives businesses a new way to showcase their products ﹘ an immersive, full-screen experience that allows for better customer engagement. As a result, Canvas reduces the bounce rates observed in conventional ads and loads 10x faster, thanks to Facebook’s proprietary algorithm.

Explore a new way to narrate your brand story

Canvas helps businesses achieve their marketing objectives in a unique and fully customizable digital space, allowing you to narrate your brand story in the most unparalleled manner. The ads open directly from the newsfeed﹘ rich with videos, still images, call-to-actions, carousels, and static ads. What’s more? Well, Canvas also allows viewers to tilt their smartphones to enjoy panoramic images and zoom in to look at finer details, creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

Leverage the power of Canvas

Canvas ads are easy to create and fun to view. Here are some innovative ways how different brands have adopted this format to connect with their audience.

Stay ahead of the curve with mobile advertising

With unprecedented levels of engagement, Canvas has quickly gained popularity among advertisers and consumers alike. In fact, most brands have already reported a rise in user engagement after adopting it. Well, it’s no surprise that this ad format is well on its way to capture the mobile marketing sector.

So what are you waiting for? Get started and paint your brand on the Facebook Canvas!


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