Start Building Your Personal Brand in 3 Easy Ways

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Over the years, the way people buy and sell has changed drastically. A recent Nielsen Consumer Survey showed that only 33% of buyers trust messages from a brand, whereas 90% of them trust messages from an individual they know. So, a strong personal brand is where the growth of your conversion lies.

Moreover, with the surge of social media, we find ourselves in a shrinking world where 92% children under the age of two already have a digital footprint! While we might not have consciously cultivated our online persona, it does exist; and was crowdsourced by our friends, colleagues, and family. The question now is not whether you have a personal brand, but how you can cultivate it.

Your online reputation can be your strongest asset or your biggest liability. It’s easy to get overwhelmed while creating a personal brand, but don’t give up just yet! Here are three key areas to focus on to create the perfect identity:

#1 Be Visible and Accessible

Although personal branding can be difficult, it ultimately comes down to participation. Thanks to blogs, podcasts, and social networks, you no longer have to wait for others to mention you or your brand in the media.

Another effective step towards branding yourself is to become a thought leader or an influencer. Putting out high-quality, relevant, and relatable content can go a long way in developing your personal brand into a trusted source. So, engage with influencers who have connections in your field or professionals who can contribute to your growth. When it comes to personal branding, you need to constantly be on your toes — whether through social media, influencer marketing, or a media outreach.

#2 Define Your Values

Branding yourself is more than just creating a trademark. It’s how you present yourself, online and offline, to potential clients. While this primarily builds your business, it still centers around you as an individual. This is why your personal brand should tell a strong, unique story. Always remember: every post you share, every tweet you send, and every picture you upload is adding to your image.

So, define yourself keeping in mind the exact impression you want to build, and the market you wish to target. With that in place, you can start being mindful of what you include in your social media profile. Ensure that it has a definitive purpose to make your audience remember, recognize, and respect you and your brand.

#3 Know Your Audience

At the end, it all boils down to your audience. You have a better chance of getting across to them if you understand them on a personal level. Learn as much as you can by talking to them, and collecting standard demographic data such as age, income, gender, and geography.

It always helps to know what your audience is interested in – their beliefs, values, hopes, dreams, or even their challenges. Since your audience holds the key to unlocking the power of your personal brand, it’s critical to know what they need from you.


Without control of your personal brand, your image stands on shaky ground. But, when done right, it will make you stand out from the crowd, put your expertise in the spotlight, cement your relationship with customers, and enhance your overall value. It makes for the perfect push to propel your business!

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