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Only in stories does the tortoise finish first, in reality everyone wants their website to be a Duracell bunny!  Why should a marketer understand the nitty-gritties of website performance? Simple, the KPIs for a good digital marketing strategy are directly or indirectly dependent on the business web page. It’s no rocket science to infer that faster websites mean better conversions and more revenue. Google’s love for your web page is directly proportional to your page-load speed because:

website speed optimization


During peak traffic, more than 75% of online consumers move on to a competitor’s site rather than suffer delays. Half of them never return, and a good percentage of them go on to negatively review the website.

While it’s critical to rank well in the Google SRPs, it is also essential to retain the viewer with a highly responsive page. Now that we have highlighted the issue, it’s only fair to give you some easy tips to make improvements to your website’s performance:


 how to optimize website speed

The list is never-ending and with the availability of new tools and analytics with every passing day, there is no end to tweaking performance for better results. Case studies by Amazon and Walmart have reported an increase in conversions for every second of improvement to their business.

In an ‘instant world’ where people are perpetually impatient, improving site speed is one of the easiest things to do to see rapid improvement in revenue and customer gratification!

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