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A clear view into the future of UI/UX

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  1. What is the biggest challenge for a travel/experience brand today? How important is user experience in this regard?

People love to travel, but the multiple touch points associated with it (airports, hotels, pricing, booking experience, planning) can lead to uncertainty and anxiety. Smart UX opens doors for people to experience the joy of traveling by making these touch points simple and accessible.

If you create something meaningful, keeping the needs of customers in mind, value-inclined customers come and stick by what you offer.

Cleartrip recognized this very early, and innovated to design the easiest payment facility and app, split screen search, fastest response time, and a clutter-free website with a zero banner policy.

  1. What do brands need to keep in mind when designing their UI/UX?

Solving UI and UX for travel brands is different from e-tailing brands, as the customer visiting a travel portal has reasonable clarity in terms of what they are going to buy. So the UI/UX for a travel brand has to be geared to show results, price options, and choice of content in the simplest and fastest way possible.

The UI/UX has to be designed for simplicity, and the customers’ time needs to be respected. A clean, clutter-free interface where you get what you have come for is most appreciated. For example, on Cleartrip, the display pricing puts ease-of-use and transparency at the forefront. Cleartrip is the only site to give you an all-inclusive price immediately for your search on the results page. No spam, no ads – we respect the customer’s privacy and walk the extra mile to make sure we stay true to the above.

  1. Will web interfaces replace mobile applications anytime soon?

The smartphone growth in India is poised in the direction where the consumer uses the mobile device more than the website. Now, which platform wins will be determined by its potential to gain maximum traffic and downloads for the brand. At this point of time, both have their set of pros and cons and neither has a clear upper hand.

Future of UI UX - an interview

  1. What are some UI/UX trends sprouting in 2017-18, especially in the travel domain?

Intelligent recommendation and personalization are the two flavors clearly emerging in 2017-18.

It is important for any brand to understand customers based on their past history or their choice from other online behavioral patterns. It’s then easier to shortlist/recommend the best options, paired with the best product and ease of booking.

  1. Cleartrip recently partnered with Google Flights. How will this impact your User Experience?

There will be no direct impact on the pace of product evolution and the manner in which customers interact with Cleartrip. This partnership brings Cleartrip in front of contextual travel customers, furthering our objectives of reach and efficiency.

  1. How big a role has digital payment played in this regard?

Cleartrip has always been a 100% online organization, making digital payment core for business. The last two years have seen tremendous growth in new customers, thanks to the evolving ecosystem and new options being added to the mix of existing payment options regularly.

  1. Is Artificial Intelligence (chatbots) the way forward? Is the Indian market ready to embrace its full capabilities?

Despite being one of the most visible aspects of the disruption that has revolutionized the way the sector operates, chatbots have barely scratched the surface. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) have triggered a large-scale technological evolution, which continues till date.

  1. What are a few other brands that, according to you, offer great UI/UX?

We draw inspiration from Apple.

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