Take Your Brand Places with Memorable Packaging


By now, you have a fair idea of why smart packaging is essential  for the success of your brand. While packaging is one of the key product differentiators, there’s more to the story!

Smart Highlights

Today’s busy generation hardly has any time to stop and read the label on a product. If you need to ensure your product doesn’t get lost on the shelves, it’s absolutely necessary to communicate your product’s USP through its packaging. Take Britannia’s Digestive Biscuit, for instance. While the name conveys one of its key USPs, the packaging has the words ‘Sugar-free’ highlighted right upfront. There’s no way this value prop can go unnoticed — especially when everyone (from youngsters to diabetic patients) is trying to avoid extra calories.

Stable Identity

Expectation is synonymous with responsibility. When a customer has grown up seeing your product in a particular container, color, and shape, rebranding can be a double-edged sword. The only trick here is to ease into the change very subtly yet steadily. For instance, if you are changing the messaging on your product at a particular point in time, maintaining coherence in color, shape, logo, and communication style is necessary to reassure your customers. After all, that’s the lesson we learnt from Tropicana’s terrible tale of 20% sales drop, after they drastically revamped their packaging.

Online Presentability

From groceries to vehicles — a majority of the urban population relies solely on online shopping for all their needs. That’s why every marketer needs to keep the digital generation in mind. It’s important to remember that touch or smell are things that cannot be gauged online. That is precisely why you need to add that ‘extra something’ when selling your product online. Maybelline, for example, packs their nail polish sets in small tote pouches when you buy them off an e-commerce website. These classy, mono-colored pouches, featuring the brand’s logo prominently, are not too high an investment for the brand but still manage to make a huge impact. After all, it’s these little details that let your customer know you care and make them more likely to value your brand.

Why risk getting lost in the crowd when adhering to these simple tactics will help you build a stronger consumer-brand relationship? And why not take packaging seriously when it can be an integral part of your marketing plan as well as advertising communications — especially when it is a low-risk, high-reward scenario! After all, by now we all have learnt that we can sell the same product much better with a whole-new packaging!


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