Good Things Come In Impressive Packages

Good Things Come In Impressive Packages

Among the scores of calcium supplements available in the market, the only one we all remember is Calcium Sandoz. When all others are forgotten, how does one brand stand out in the minds of its consumers, and create instant brand recall?

Let’s face it: making a lasting impression isn’t an easy job in a market that’s evolving at the speed of light. You need to be conscious that while you’re striving to keep your product up-to-date with the latest technologies, everyone else is too! So how can you stay one step ahead of your competitors? One quick trick to grab your customer’s attention is to present your product in a smarter and more interesting package.

Here’s how packaging can make or break your product:

Love at first sight
Yes, we agree that a product’s performance is undoubtedly its most important aspect. But it pays to be the smart seller whose packaging is a cut above the rest — differentiating it from all others sitting on the same store shelf. This applies equally to those selling old wine in a new bottle. Let’s talk about Park Avenue’s Beer Shampoo for a minute.

Almost every beer-lover (and even teetotaler) has noticed, and reached for this product at some point, because it stands apart in a sea of generic-looking shampoos. Needless to say that the beer bottle packaging worked wonders for the brand, creating a sensation that’ll be spoken about for a long time!

Target group above all
Taking the correct route to appeal to your target audience is key to selling your product successfully.  Doing this has helped a lot of brands achieve astounding sales and make a long-lasting impact, even if their products were more expensive than their competitors’. For instance, remember Kinder Joy and the way we used to drool over it as kids? Well, that was chocolate maker Ferrero playing it smart. They knew that the egg-shaped, colorful package would appeal to their primary target audience — children. The moral of the story: understand your target group and more importantly what appeals to them.

Emotion trumps reason
When targeting one particular section of customers, you can choose to focus on sensitive messaging that addresses lingering concerns. This way, you are ensured top-of-mind recall. For instance, if you were to name baby shampoos, can you name five brands apart from Johnson & Johnson’s? Difficult, isn’t it? That’s because J&J is unlike any other brand — highlighting their tagline ‘No more tears’ through their packaging. This instantly conveys the essence of the brand and the product even to first-time users. Needless to say that the bottle also draws the attention of parents, immediately arousing their protective instincts. That’s why J&J appears at the top of most parents’ shopping lists!

Now that you have a fair idea of how to connect with your customers through product packaging, it’s important to take care of a couple of other things as well. Stay tuned for more insights on packaging and its role in building your product’s path to success.

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